The love we need

a reasonable faith


She was poor and downtrodden. With little to call her own and even less hope for a better future, she felt virtually enslaved by her helplessness. But worse than this, she was disagreeable, unlovely, and complaining.

He was wealthy and powerful, with immeasurable possessions and even greater authority. But better than that, he was good, moral, and upstanding.

So one could be forgiven for a measure of incredulity when he chose her to be his bride. Though she hardly knew him, she recognized his offer as an opportunity she would be wise not to refuse.

They were obviously mismatched, but he loved her and gave her everything she needed. Though not particularly attractive in appearance, he provided many things of great beauty for her to enjoy. All he asked was that she return his love and allow him to lovingly lead as the head of their household.

At first she…

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