I can’t. He can. I think I’ll let Him.


For most of the day my mind had been churning on an idea about a possible new blog. But as fate (and my ADD) would have it my wife showed me a little picture (meme) that had me off and running in another direction. I enjoyed meditating on this one much more anyway.

The scriptures tell a story of Jesus meeting a man in Jerusalem who had been sick for nearly 40 years. Now this man was laying by a pool in the city which was near the Sheep Gate.

Many people would come here daily looking for healing. You see there was a belief that an angel would come at a certain time of day and stir the water. The first person to enter the water after it moved was said to be healed.

This man was trusting in the water to heal him of his condition, but there was no one to help him into the pool at the right time. Someone always made it in the pool before he could find someone to help him.

As Jesus passed by him He asked the man if he wanted to be healed. Of course, the man replied that he did want to be healed, but that he was powerless to help himself.

Jesus said to him stand up as a healed man, take your bed, and go home. And the bible says that instantly the man stood up, took his bed, and walked.

What are you powerless over today? Maybe you’re facing health problems? Financial difficulties? Relationship issues? Addiction?

Whatever you are facing, you are not facing it alone. God has promised us that His grace is sufficient because His power is made perfect in weakness.

Put your trust in God today. Ask Him for healing from whatever is weighing on your heart. Then get up and walk in the freedom and peace that only He can give you.

I can’t. He can. I think I’ll let him.

(And if you read the story for yourself, watch out for those clowns at the end of the story who would try to rob you of your blessing.)

John 5:1-15       2 Corinthians 12:9

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